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Our services


With CHARM®, ADLARES provides an efficient and reliable system for monitoring the density of airborne gas pipelines.



A successfull survey flight will take place in three phases:




1. Transfer of pipeline data and flight plan


Exact pipeline data is required for flying the pipeline and for orienting the laser. This will be provided by the customer in a suitable form (data format according to agreement) and appropriately processed by ADLARES. From these the flight paths will be planned taking all relevant parameters (e.g. flight control zones, typical weather situations, etc.) into consideration to attain maximum cost effectiveness.




2. Flight


An experienced team consisting of a pilot and system operator carry out the flight. A whole range of information on navigation and on the monitoring status of the pipeline is available to them in order to carry out the measurement flight efficiently. Critical gas indications can still be forwarded on to the principal's operating staff during the flight.




3. Data evaluation and reports


Once the flight is completed, all the data is assessed in detail. Gas indications are evaluated and possible sources are verified. The results are made available in customer-specific reports. These also include georeferenced aerial images of the gas discharge location. The data can also be processed for the principal's geoinformation system (GIS). The principal thus receives an ideal instrument for taking possible measures.