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Gas detection


With CHARM®, the concentration of methane, the main component in natural gas, in the air is measured and possible traces of released natural gas are established. In order to identify traces of natural gas, CHARM® uses the property of chemical compounds to absorb light of certain wavelengths. For this, the so-called Differential Absorption-LIDAR method is used. In this, two laser pulses of different wavelengths are emitted. One wavelength is chosen which will be specifically absorbed by methane while the second wavelength will not be absorbed. Both pulses of light hit the earth and are scattered in all directions. A very small portion of the light returns to the system and is detected by a very sensitive sensor. The concentration of methane can be determined based on the ratio of the light scattered back to the system from both laser pulses. CHARM® carries out 100 measurements per second and distributes these measurements around the pipeline with the help of a patented scanner on a 7m wide corridor.